Sushi Bar Appetizers

Sushi Appetizer ∗ 5 pcs sushi of tuna, salmon, shrimp, kani & white tuna. $7.95
Sashimi Appetizer∗ 8pcs sashimi of tuna, salmon, white tuna & white fish. $8.95
Yellowtall  Jalapeño∗ Yellowtail sashimi, jalapeno in yuzu sauce. $8.95
Seared Tuna Appetizer∗ Seared pepper tuna sashimi with wasabi-mayo, served with seaweed salad. $7.95
Tuna or Salmon Tartar∗  Minced fresh tuna or salmon in ponzu sauce with tobiko & quail egg. $7.95
Hot Oil Albacore Tuna*   Seared albacore tuna sashimi with tobiko, green scallion and hot oil citrus ponzu sauce. $7.95
Tuna or Salmon Fajita∗ Tuna or salmon on  thin crispy tortilla with tobiko, seaweed, spicy mayo and eel dressing. $9.95
King Crab Rice Pizza∗ Alaska king crab salad on rice tempura, with avocado, spicy mayo & eel dressing. $12.95
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Sushi Bar Platters

with miso soup or salad

Sashimi Tri Color∗ Salmon, tuna and yellowtail sashimi, 4 pcs of each $18.95
Sushi Tri Color∗  Salmon, tuna and yellowtail sushi, 3 pcs of each $16.95
Salmon Dinner∗ 3pcs. salmon sushi, 3pcs. salmon sashimi, 1pc. salmon avocado roll topped with spicy salmon $18.95
Tuna Dinner ∗ 3pcs. tuna sushi, 3pcs. tuna sashimi, 1pc. tuna avocado roll with spicy tuna $21.95
Sushi Regular∗  8pcs sushi with California roll or tuna roll. $16.95
Sashimi Regular∗ 12pcs assorted sashimi with sushi rice on the side. $17.95
Sushi Deluxe∗ 10pcs assorted sushi and 1 spicy tuna roll. $18.95
Sashimi Deluxe∗ 15pcs assorted sashimi with sushi rice on the side. $19.95
Unagi Don  Eel sashimi over sushi rice. $16.95
Chirashi∗  12 pcs assorted sashimi over sushi rice. $18.95
Maki Combo∗ California roll, tuna roll &. salmon roll. $11.95
Spicy Maki Combo∗ Spicy tuna roll. spicy salmon roll & spicy shrimp roll. $12.95
Sushi & Sashimi Combo∗ 5 pcs sushi, 9 pcs sashimi with 1 California roll or 1 tuna roll. $23.95
Love Boat∗ 15 pcs sashimi, 10 pcs sushi, 1 spicy tuna roll, 1 sakura sunset roll. $54.95
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Sushi or Sashimi A La Carte

Order by Piece

Tuna∗ $2.95 Octopus $2.50
White Tuna∗ $2.50 Red Clam $2.50
Salmon∗ $2.75 Fresh Madai $3.50
Yellowtail∗ $2.95 Spicy Tuna∗ $3.00
Fluke∗ $2.75 Fatty Yellowtail∗ $3.50
Eel $2.75 Striped Bass∗ $2.75
Crab Stick $2.50 Seared Tuna∗ $3.00
Shrimp $2.50 Sea Scallop∗ $3.00
Smoked Salmon∗ $2.75 Sweet Shrimp∗ $3.00
Wasabi Tobiko∗ $3.00 Spicy Salmon∗ $3.00
Flying Fish Roe∗ $3.00 Salmon Roe∗ $3.00
Egg Omelet $2.00 Sea Urchin∗ $5.00
Squid∗ $2.50 Red Snapper∗ $2.75
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Classic Rolls

California Roll $4.95 Salmon Roll∗ $4.95
Alaskan Roll∗ $5.95 Tuna Roll∗ $4.95
Shrimp  Roll $4.50 Yellowtail Scallion Roll∗ $5.95
Eel Avocado Roll $5.95 Eel Cucumber Roll $5.95
Philadelphia Roll∗ $5.95 Boston Roll $4.95
Futo Maki $5.95 Mango Shrimp Roll $7.95
Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll∗ $5.95 White Tuna Jalapeno Roll∗ $5.95
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 Veggie Rolls

Cucumber  Roll $4.25  Asparagus  Roll $4.25
Avocado   Roll $4.25  Peanut Avocado  Roll $4.95
Cucumber Avocado Roll $4.50 Oshiko Roll $3.95
Vegetable  Roll $4.95 Sweet Potato Roll $4.95

Tempura Rolls

(with avocado, cucumber and tobiko)

Chicken Tempura Roll $6.95
Salmon Tempura Roll $6.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll $6.95

Spicy Crunchy Rolls

Spicy Salmon Roll∗ $5.95
Spicy Tuna Roll∗ $5.25
Spicy Shrimp Roll $5.95
Spicy Yellowtail Roll∗ $5.95
Spicy Scallop Roll∗ $5.95
Spicy Kani Roll $5.95
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LC Chen’s Signature Rolls

Fortune LC Roll ∗  A roll without rice nor seaweed, inside: spicy tuna, spicy lobster salad, asparagus. outside: tuna, salmon and wasabi tobiko. $14.95
Forever Hot Roll ∗  Inside: spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail and asparagus, outside: tuna, wasabi mayo. $15.95
White Seaweed Roll∗  Tuna, salmon, yellowtail & avocado wrapped in white seaweed. $13.95
King Crab Roll  King crab salad, avocado , cucumber , mango and tobiko in soybean wrap. $13.95
Spider Roll∗  Tempura Soft-shell crab,  lettuce, cucumber and eel sauce. $12.95
Red Dragon Roll ∗ Shrimp tempura inside, spicy crab on top with tobiko and eel sauce. $11.95
Green Dragon Roll  Eel, cucumber inside topped with avocado. $11.95
Sakura Sunset Roll   Tempura shrimp, soft shell crab, lobster salad, mango and cucumber. soybean wrap. $14.95
Fragrant Harbor Roll∗  A fried crunchy roll with spicy tuna, avocado, tobiko, scallion, house spicy eel sauce. $10.95
Rainbow Roll ∗ California roll topped with assorted fresh fish. $11.95
Deluxe Lobster Roll ∗Inside: tempura lobster & mango. outside: lobster salad & mayo sauce. $13.95
Coastal Fire Roll ∗ Inside: spicy tuna and avocado. outside: spicy tuna and spicy wasabi bean, wasabi sauce. $12.95
Osaka Plum Roll ∗ Inside: eel, avocado, cucumber.outside: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel and avocado, plum sauce. $13.95
Club Tuna Roll  ∗Inside: spicy tuna, crunch. outside: white tuna, tuna and tobiko. $12.95
Fashion Yellowtail Roll ∗ Inside: spicy yellowtail, crunch. outside:  yellowtail and jalapeno salsa. $12.95
Kani Naruto  Cucumber wrapped roll, avocado, tobiko & crab meat $9.95
Lobster Tempura Roll  lobster tempura with lettuce, mango and eel sauce. $13.95
Fried Fish Roll∗ Tuna, salmon, white fish & avocado, lightly fried $11.95
Cocktail Shrimp  Roll∗ Spicy shrimp, cucumber topped with kani, avocado, with McCormic cocktail hot sauce. $11.95
Sushi Sandwich∗ Spicy tuna, shrimp, eel, avocado in soybean crepe, with tobiko, spicy mayo and eel dressing. $12.95
Deluxe Salmon Roll∗ Salmon avocado inside, topped with spicy salmon, gingery spicy mayo dressing $12.95
Flying Dragon Roll  Salmon tempura, avocado, topped with seared tuna, tobiko,scallion, wasabi-mayo, eel sauce $13.95
Harvest Roll∗   Jumbo maki  of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, squid, shrimp, avocado, tobiko, pickled squash.   $13.95
Rice Paper Roll  Shrimp, mango, spring mix lettuce, mint leaf, avocado & kani, with peanuts, sweet chilli dipping $9.95 $9.95
Spicy Kimchi Roll∗ Salmon, avocado topped w. albacore, tuna, tobiko, red onions & kimchi dressing $11.95
Treasure Roll  King crab meat & cucumber inside, topped w. shrimp, avocado & ikura, house special dressing $13.95
Autumn Roll  Eel avocado inside, topped w. king crab salad, tobiko & chef’s special dressing. $13.95

∗Raw or under cooked. Thoroughly cooked meat, poultry seafood may reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

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